• MS, Bioinformatics, Rochester Institute of Technology


Gregory Matuszek, MS is Bioinformatics Specialist in the Biostatistics and Data Management Unit at the HNRCA and oversees as well as manages the data management support for the Center. In addition to his background in bioinformatics, Mr. Matuszek has expertise in metabolomics, microbiome, analysis of multidimensional-omics data, and data management. He has done collaborative work in bioinformatics and data management on a broad range on biomedical and nutrition research, including both animal and human studies in nutrition, genetic disorders, genomics, and metabolomics. Mr. Matuszek has also provided workshops and seminars to scientists and trainees at the HNRCA and other institutions focused on machine learning, binary classification, clustering, NGS and microarray analysis pipelines and other bioinformatics tools, as well as best practices for data management useful in enhancing research. He is a member of and ISCB.