Research Directives

Our research teams investigate the impact of the multiple facets of nutrition, lifestyle, genetics on specific health outcomes to promote healthy aging. To investigate complex conditions, scientists pursue an array of research methods including cellular and molecular studies, animal and human studies, and epidemiological research.

The investigators work together through internal cross-team Research Directives that apply the Center’s multi-disciplinary expertise to the complexities of aging and nutrition research. The research is driven by a shared understanding that decline and chronic disease are not inevitable in later years and many older individuals can anticipate good health and independence supported by dietary choices and physical activity.

Bone Metabolism
Cardiovascular Nutrition
Energy Metabolism
Neuroscience and Aging
Nutrition & Cancer Biology
Nutritional Epidemiology
Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, and Sarcopenia
Nutrition and Genomics
Nutrition & Vision Research
Obesity and Metabolism
Vitamins & Carcinogenesis
Vitamin K