Kathryn Barger

Kathryn Barger, PhD



  • PhD, Statistics, Cornell University


Kathryn Barger, PhD is the Biostatistics Associate Director in the Biostatistics and Data Management Scientific Core Unit at the HNRCA. Dr. Barger specializes in collaborative research for both clinical and pre-clinical studies in human nutrition and aging. For clinical studies, Dr. Barger provides statistical support across various experimental designs, including parallel RCTs, prospective longitudinal cohort studies, cross-sectional studies, crossover intervention trials, pilot trials, and meta-analyses. Dr. Barger has experience in factorial designs, dose-response designs, diet-induced disease, and knockout models for pre-clinical studies. As a study statistician, Dr. Barger oversees each study's statistical aspects and prioritizes the application of approaches that promote rigorous statistical practice to enhance scientific reproducibility and research integrity.