Postdoctoral Position: Obesity Metabolism Team

The Obesity and Metabolism Team at the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University is actively searching for a postdoctoral fellow  to participate in the laboratory’s research activities starting in late spring/summer/fall 2022. The team focuses on the causes and the metabolic consequences of obesity including diabetes and atherosclerosis. Our research utilizes a variety of approaches including investigating adipocyte, liver, macrophage, and intestine metabolism, various cell culture models, studies on alterations in intestinal microbiome, and generated mouse models in which specific genes have genetically ablated to define their function in tissue specific organ and whole body physiology. The lab uses a combination of cutting edge molecular biological, cell biological, and lipidomic/metabolomic approaches in combination with whole body physiological studies to address questions at hand.  It is anticipated that the research of the fellow will lead to abstracts presentations, and manuscripts.

If interested please forward a CV and at least two to three names as reference to Andrew S. Greenberg, M.D. at